0800 /0808 Freephone Numbers 

Why use Freephone numbers for your business ? 
"Consumers see a freephone number as a sign that a company wants their business and is willing to remove the hassle and cost of contact." 
(source: Henley Centre Telebusiness Survey) 
The Henley Research Centre says that 68% of people feel that companies who offer Freephone numbers care more about their customers. 
Advertising with a freephone number distracts people from the geographic boundaries that surround your company's local area number. 
They also show that you are willing to take away the cost of the call from your customers or potential customers. 
Freephone numbers enable companies the opportunity of looking bigger than they actually are. 
Move office and keep your number! 
Never re-print your stationery! 
Many businesses are now benefiting from the high response rate that these numbers bring. 
The caller pays nothing and 40% of calls to Freephone numbers are now from a mobile 
It used to be that if you wanted gas you went to British Gas and all phone numbers came from British Telecom. 
These industries have long since been deregulated and you now have a choice of where you go - Phone Numbers exist to give you that choice. BT has been providing virtual telephone numbers 01/02 and 0800 Freephone numbers for years. However they charge £282 per number per year*. 
We charge considerably less, yet our numbers are still connected through BT's network ! 
*Price currently correct – however this may change in the future 

0843 / 0844 / 0845 & 087 Numbers 

Advertising these numbers gives your business a national identity allowing you to advertise in a wider area 
They enable companies the opportunity of looking bigger than they actually are, making them appear National. The cost of calling 0843 / 0844 / 0845 & 087 numbers is made up of two parts: an access charge going to your phone company, and a service charge set by the organisation you are calling. The service charge must be clearly displayed wherever the phone number is advertised or promoted. 
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